About ZomerExpo



29 May 2014 - 31 August 2014

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag


ZomerExpo is the largest national sales exhibition held at a museum and consists of works of art which have been selected after open registration. The annual event is a fantastic barometer of variable artistic tastes. Everybody is free to participate.


Wanted: Artists

For the art exhibition Light, ZomerExpo 2014 is looking for paintings, drawings, films, animations, 2D- and 3D-prints, videos, sculptures, installations and scale models. All works of art have to relate to the light theme in one way or another. 


Anonymously Selected Exhibition

On three distinct dates in 2014 qualifying rounds are held in three different cities in the Netherlands. During these days a 45-person jury consisting of gallery owners, curators, art critics and artists selects a maximum of 250 works of art, all of which have been anonymously submitted. Each distinct work of art has to speak for itself - and it is only its expressiveness and distinctive quality that count, since neither the names nor the backgrounds of the artists responsible for the works are revealed during the selection process.


Qualifying Rounds in Arnhem, Amsterdam and Leidschendam

Both renowned and unknown artists aged over 16 are invited to register as participants for ZomerExpo 2014. The costs attached are 30 euros for each individual work of art. Each artist is allowed to present a maximum of three of his/ her works during one of the three qualifying rounds held.


Light is the Theme

Representing light has always been one of the major fascinations of famous artists and this has resulted in the creation of numerous fabulous works of art. Light is all about emotion, energy, balance, tenderness, optics and depth – therefore, light is about watching and experiencing in the broadest sense of the term. ZomerExpo is looking for extraordinary works of art to create a dazzling visual spectacle.


New at the Exhibition: Scale Models and Maquettes

Light, energy and art go hand in hand at this exhibition. ZomerExpo is looking for artists with an inventive mind who want to shape the future. Sketches and designs of all sorts of feasible constructions are welcome, be they for instance bridges, buildings or energy generating objects.


Traditional and Contemporary Printing Techniques

Does your work come in multiple copies as a result of which it is highly affordable? Do you use a particular printing technique or are you one of those pioneers who use a 3D-printer? Do show us your print at one of the qualifying rounds of ZomerExpo! 


Sales Exhibition and Catalogue 

The works presented at the Light exhibition are put up for sale. Of the money earned from the sale 30% must be transferred to ArtWorlds. Photographs, texts and prices of the works of art will be included in the catalogue accompanying the exhibition.



At the time of the qualifying rounds and during the exhibition lectures, courses and workshops on the theme of light, artistism and the contents of the actual exhibition itself are presented. These activities, which are all open to the public, have been selected by Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and Stichting ArtWorlds, cooperating partners for ZomerExpo 2014. A Survey of the Activities.


Encouragement prizes

All of the works of art selected for the Light exhibition are potential candidates for winning one of the encouragement prizes. 


AVRO Kunstuur

AVRO Kunstuur is going to make a documentary film of the qualifying rounds.



ZomerExpo 2014 Light is a project by Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and ArtWorlds and is realized with support of the Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, VSBfonds, Fonds 1818 and the Bankgiro Loterij.